pottery and art at starways


The iconic pathway leading up to the Pottery is often described as the main artery to Starways, bringing not only customers, but also friendships, ideas and as strong sense of community.

Pots made at Starways are a mixture of electric, gas and wood-fired reduction stoneware. The different stylistic approaches of each resident potter is reflected in the pottery on sale in the gallery and on the website Shop.

Starways Pottery was founded in 1992 by internationally recognised potter, Anton van der Merwe, who is generally known for his Anglo-Japanese influenced stoneware. However, new directions are constantly being explored by the resident and visiting potters, who bring new ideas and creativity to the arts centre.

Current Resident Potters include Liyanda Mafika, Vale van der Merwe and Gwyneth Lloyd and are often joined by visiting potters Carrie van de Langenberg (based in London, UK) and John Steele (based in East London, SA).

Founding potter Anton van der Merwe passed away in 2016. Below is an In Memoriam section which celebrates his life. If you have any contributions to add to this virtual exhibition, please contact us here.