wellbeing at starways

Alexander Technique Lessons

- INDIVIDUAL LESSON               - 30 MINUTES LONG            -     R200 PER PERSON

- GROUP LESSON                       - 45 MINUTES                       -     R150 PER PERSON



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Alexander Technique is taught at starways by co-founder Gwyneth Lloyd. Over the last 25 years her teaching methods have evolved into highly successful procedures for warming up and developing the voice. 

The procedures are also being used by students who have been appointed to school and university posts and the numbers of singers performing with tension-free sound combined with an easy stage presence is growing as a result of her work. 

Through the Alexander Technique Gwyneth has also helped other clients to relieve and reverse the causes of back pain and other tension-related problems as well as performers and musicians who are looking for solutions to teaching and performing blockages.

Gwyneth also has weekly teaching commitments at in East London. Please contact us to enquire or book an alexander technique lesson.



Other Modalities at Starways


Overtone singing and sound journeys - offered by visiting musician, Eliot Lloyd Short.

Both vocal and instrumental music can be used to heal and realign our bodies and minds. Along with the remote and reflective ambience at Starways, taking time out with musical sound journeys can be both deeply calming and leave you feeling invigorated. Sound journeys and overtone singing are only available at certain times of the year when Eliot is in residence, usually between Oct and March. Please contact us to enquire or book.

Reflexology and reiki are also occasionally available from visiting practitioners - generally between October and March. Please contact us for more details.

Price Lists for all modalities at starways will be available soon!

Self-sufficiency has always been a long term goal at starways. at the top of the property there is a thriving garden and orchard producing, vegetables, fruits and herbs. chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and human residents all have their roles to play, enriching the mountain soil, clearing brambles, picking fruit and berries, making preserves and feasts with fresh produce. Water collection on Starways, means that the property can almost completely run without the use of municipal water. Firewood comes from a careful cycling of fast growing wattle and pine, while nurturing the growth of new fruit and olive trees and encouraging indigenous species to take root.

To get involved with sustainability at starways please contact us.