workshops at starways

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Pottery Workshops are available throughout the year and focus on throwing, hand-building, decorating, bead-making and basics like clay preparation. The workshops are run by resident potters Mandy Qomoyi, Liyanda Mafika and Gwyneth Lloyd. More information on upcoming workshops can be found on our Events page. And enquiries for groups wishing to arrange workshops at Starways can be found by contacting us here.

Opera and vocal workshops are offered throughout the year by Gwyneth Lloyd. Her in-depth group and individual vocal training is based on the tension-free principles of the Alexander Technique. Gwyneth's extensive experience of not only running and musically directing East Cape Opera Company, but also creating brand new works for opera ensembles, gives her great insight into workshop facilitating from both a technical and creative perspective. if you would like to be involved with East Cape Opera or if you have a group of singers who would like to work with Gwyneth, please contact us.

African Music workshops are available throughout the year from visiting artist Anthony Caplan. Private teaching and workshops are also available from his home in Bathurst.

Bead making workshop: details on this family friendly workshop will be posted soon. please contact us if you'd like to find out more.

Run your own workshop at Starways. To date starways has hosted philosophy workshops in association with Fort Hare university, poetry workshops in association with the ECCA Poets and youth workshops in association with the Christian Community Church. If you would like to book Starways to run an event of your own that is in keeping with the Starways ethos, please contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

Workshop accommodation: Starways has a number of cottages which can be used for workshop facilitators and attendees. There are also a number of rental properties nearby that are no more than a 5-10 minute walk from Starways. Price lists and rates on accommodation will be available on request!