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Singing Lessons

GROUP LESSON             - 45 MINUTES                       -     R150 PER PERSON.

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the rose theatre


Rustic and Charming, the rose theatre hosts small gatherings of up to 50 people at a squeeze, making it the perfect venue for intimate and informal gatherings, where people can become completely absorbed in their surroundings. although structurally Modelled on London's Famous Shakespearean venue, this African-style Rose Theatre is built with traditional Xhosa 'wattle and daub' walls, which use living trees as supports that soar up into the sky. on clear nights you can see the night skies encircled with tree tops and experience where starways got it's name.

The Rose has a fully functioning bar and kitchen specialising in home made oven baked pizza, selected drinks, teas and coffees and rustic tables and benches where visitors make themselves cosy.

The resident artists at Starways invariably contribute to all the events taking place.  pizza dough is made (preferably with stone ground flour) and carefully crafted toppings are conjured up. as with everything at starways, events are influenced by the seasons. When the spring rains come, seeds are planted and in summer through to autumn, fruit is picked from trees in the orchards. all of which ends up in the food and jars on the tables of the rose. all year round - but particularly in winter! - wood must be chopped to keep the rose warm, especially as it is a partially outdoor venue.

Performances at the rose include opera, Cabaret, barber shop, folk music, blues, trance, electronica, dj nights, marimba music and poetry evenings. the wide variety of performances and intimacy of the venue speak to it's natural leanings towards workshop performances and community social events. if you would like to hire the rose for an event you have in mind, please contact us.

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